Why Won’t Google Give Me Relevant Information

Looks like the webmasters at Google have done it again. It seems that even the most innocuous interrogatives can give you the strangest Google suggestions. Take this, for example:

The Horror!

Now, if this isn’t the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, then I don’t know what could top it. Just attempting to wrap your mind around the meaning for all of this could leave with a mental hangover. If this strangeness wasn’t horrible enough, the suggestion three lines below it is just as bad:


The world is full of cruel people, it seems. Folks, don’t drink and google.


Firefox Turns Five!

Howdy folks, this is just a reminder to all of you that the best browser on the web has turned five years old today!

After starting from very humble origins, Firefox has warmed our hearts and freed our minds from the oppression of Internet Explorer. For those of you with Firefox, pat yourself on the back. For those of you without, a shameless plug:

Download Firefox

I like to think that Firefox had something to do with the Berlin Wall retroactively. A man can dream…

Wik that Word!

Where Words Reminisce

Have you ever been fumbling around for the meaning of some word that you heard Dr. Jenkins use? Do you need help remembering the few basic Latin words that you use regularly? Well, you could go somewhere like http://www.dictionary.com, or you could use Wikipedia’s lesser known brother, Wiktionary. Wiktionary has an extensive database of languages ranging from Greek to Danish to Spanish to Japanese. It will supply you with a definition, etymology, gender, and even declensions for just about any term you can throw at it. Wiktionary also connects to many other Wikimedia sites, Wikipedia primarily.

Next time you want to know the Norse derivation of Odin, check out Wiktionary.